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Item # Q-03520PIJK
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in Ergoline Prestige, Esprit, Affinity series, 450, 500, 600 (all units), 650, 800, 850, Soltron; Sun Up II; UWE, SunBoard xtt Bench; BlackSun HP; Dr. Kern; KBL/Diva; ETS SS775, Legends; MegaSun CrossFire; TanAmerica, Royal Sun and many others models using 300-500w single contact lamps.

Item # Q-04500SI
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in just about any bed manufactured from as early as 1978 to date, utilizing the R7s snap in/clip in lamp concept. ETS – Epic ? Envy series, SolarForce, StarPower, Solaris, SunPower; MegaSun, Tanses, Sunal, Silver Solarium, Dr. Müller, Puretan, Tan America, Sonnenbraune, puretan, Montego Bay; UWE - Lotus, Big Bear Black Magic, Tropical Series; Royal Sun, Sunliner, Ergoline Inspiration, Advantage, Passion & Flair series, JK/Soltron (older units) UltraSun, AlphaSun and many others.

Item # Q-04500WL
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This Lamp is used in units such as Dr. Müller - Orion, Odyssey and AUVL units; Dr. Kern, UltraSun, UWE, Older JK Soltron and VitaSun.

Item # Q-0600PIGY
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in Future HP; UWE - P90, iSUN facials, Ergoline 1050, Silver Bullet (newer units), SunBoard (older units), TA Solarix and some Italian Units.

Item # Q-0600PIGH
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in KBL and Diva and can also be used as a substitute for the Q-0600PIGY.

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