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Jack Hays
Miami Tan, North Miami Beach, FL
Ive been in the tanning business since 1997 here in Miami. I wish I knew of him earlier but I met Brandon for the first time back in 2006, when he helped me in a salon move. He is reliable and his work is not done...until hes found a solution for your problem. I can call him and will always get a timely call back. Thanks Brandon, appreciate ya buddy

Eloisa DeAlmeida
Copacabana Tanning, Deerfield Beach, FL.
I have had my Tanning Salon for a year and a half, and before we opened, we had so many problems- that only Brandon could fix. Not only does he know what he is doing, but he comes when we need, and even by phone he helps us to solve many problems...We love you Brandon

Patti Martel
South Beach Tanning Company - Lake Worth
I purchased my salon a couple months ago and we are part of a high-end salon franchise. Therefore, we want and expect nothing less than the best. Brandon has definitely delivered He always responds in a timely manner and will never let me spend unnecessarily. Thank you Brandon for your high level of integrity

boca tanning club-southbeach, Fl.
Brandon is one of the most helpful and RELIABLE workers He has helped us with not only UV beds but with the Versa Spa and our Airbrush. Any help we need hes there thank u for being the best brandon

Benjamin W
Sundance Tan Spa - Royal Palm Beach, FL
I open my Salon in the middle of last summer, and without Brandon and the entire team at Sun Service I fear we would have not lasted. He always looks for ways to save you money by fixing it right the first time. His honestly is second to none, and his level of understanding of the business is unmatched. We will never use anyone else

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